Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Waste-to-Energy predictions for 2011

Investment bank Cascadia Capital has published its predictions for sustainable industries in 2011, one of which is that waste-to-energy, helped by rising oil prices, will be more widely adopted. Cascadia specifically mentioned InEnTec, which was recently honored as 2010 Top Innovator by the Wall Street Journal, that uses new technologies to transform industrial, household and even medical waste into electricity and fuel for transport and also mentioned Plasco Energy Group which also uses plasma waste gasification technology. They predict that oil will rise to over $100 per barrel, which will encourage investment in waste-to-energy and also lead to increased use of natural gas making it a more viable energy alternative. As a result, traditional energy companies such as BP, Chevron and Shell will acquire more renewable energy technology companies, including waste-to-energy. Among its other predictions is that Congress will abandon cap and trade in favor of policies that focus on gas, nuclear andrenewable energies.

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