Sunday, December 26, 2010

Happy Holidays

In this photo (left to right), with Professor Nickolas Themelis and Liliana Themelis are research associates Maria Elena Diaz Barriga, Natali Ganfer, Caludine Ellyin, Ranjith Annepu and Ljupka Arsova.
Natali is doing experimental work on Landfill Gas Usage as a Fuel for an Engine, Lowering the Emissions and Improving the Performance with the Combustion and Catalysis Laboratory and also WTE Implementation in Argentina.

Claudine's work involves researching Low Capacity WTE Plants. Her research along with Natali's Argentina project, will be included in Maria's Technical Guidance Document for Assessing Thermal Treatment Technologies for Resource Recovery from MSW in Latin America and the Caribbean.
Ranjith Annepu is working on Sustainable Waste Management in India and is setting-up the Waste-to-Energy Research and Technology Council in India (WTERT,India)
Ljupka Arsova is presently working with Clinton's Global Initiative on Integrated and Innovative Waste Management Systems in material/energy recovery from different waste streams

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