Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Collection of Videos on Marine Debris

As most of us already know, 80% of Marine Debris comes from inland sources and 10% from beach picnics [4], both the result of or can be classified as improper waste management. Majority of marine debris is plastic, up to 75%. The rest of the debris is glass, paper and cardboard. [4]

It seems like our friends fighting to stop marine litter/debris seem to be responding very well on the grassroots level and are making good public campaigns. Climate Change and Marine Litter seem to be the most widely known issues arising out of improper waste management globally. Here is a short collection of videos made advocating against marine litter, shortest to the longest:

[1] Plastic Seduction

[2] Rise Above Plastics: Plastics Kill

[3] The Majestic Plastic Bag: A Mockumentary

[4] Marine Litter: Ocean Report

All these videos are posted on Global WTERT Council's Facebook page as we believe that's the stage we can perform before the public.

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